• Pat: My pat ourselves on the back, yeah, for doing such a good job positive game, nice job, thank you,
  • Pit: After me eat soup, maybe, me have nice juicy plum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, me eat the whole thing, except for the pit!
  • Fin: See that little triangle on top of fish? yay! that's the fin, yeah, fish use it to swim around, oh, good word.
  • Fun: Oh Boy! this soup is fun!
  • Cob: That kind of corny, Yay, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bag, Cab, Fan, Top, and Nut,: Oh yeah yeah, yeah, nice word!
  • Rod, Ham, and Net,: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cub, Bug, Pan, Bat and Pot: Oh Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, That word looked delicious.
  • Big: Wow! That One Big Word!
  • Hat and Red: Oh! Look good enough to eat!
  • Cat, Dog, Bed and Pen,: Me told you noodles make words! Ha Ha, Ha, Ha,!
  • Pin, Jug, Cot and Bud,: Oh, Me Love It!
  • Hot, OO, This soup, very hot.
  • Hit, Oh! me think this game big hit!
  • Tip: Oh, me got a tip for you, Vegetable Soup very tasty and good for you too.
  • Tap: After lunch, me got dancing lessons, Yeah, Me learning to tap, Yeah, TAP TI TI TA TA TAP TAP TAP.
  • Cut: Soup very easy to make, Yeah Yeah, Try sometimes, Yeah, But get a grown up to help you cut of my cheese please?
  • Bad: Wow! Me want to eat soup so bad!
  • Jog: After Game me go for jog yah me try to exercise every day, Yeah, keep me healthy and hungry.
  • Rid: Me know want to rip this soup anytime soon!
  • Not, Me not tired of making noodle words, no, me never tired of words, or food.
  • Bit, if your soup is too hot wait a bit, and then it will be cooler,
  • But: Me want to, but, me know can't eat this soup, Yet!
  • Dug, Me Dug That word, (cookie monster says ha 4 times)
  • Dig: Oh, me really dig this soup, Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!! that's some time hick dock
  • Jig: Oh, me dancing jig me so happy about this word!
  • Set: Oh, me all set to eat.
  • Sit: Me sit still while you make noodles words Yeah! Me didn't know easier!
  • Sat: me Sat Down with soup and looked what happened, we played delicious game.

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