Moose: Howdy Zee, Say, That boot is certainly a burt, but where's the other one? Where's the boot that matches? happens to bootsy, look at all those boots. hmm, Do you see a boot that matches the one on Zee's foot. zee's boot is yellow with blue hearts. The matching boot should look the same. So, which boot matches? take a look at this. Does this boot match?

Viewer: No, No. 

Moose:  No, this boot is blue all over, it doesn't matched. How about this one here? does this boot matched? 

Viewer: No, No.

Moose: No Sirry, This boot is yellow, but it doesn't have blue hearts like Zee's. This boot doesn't matched. Well this boot matched?

Viewer: Yes, Yes, 

Moose: Yes, this boot is yellow with blue hearts. This boot looks the same as Zees. Marvolous Marching my friends. Zee would like to  wear a hat that matches these boots. hmm, I see a lot of beautiful hats here, but which hat that has yellow with blue hearts?

Viewer: That one (4x) 

Moose: Outstanding, this hat is yellow with blue hearts. Just like Zee's boots. This is the hat that matches Zee's boots. Are your ready Zee start walking because Ni Hao Kai Lan is next. 

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