Marion and the dinosaurs 

Mille and the volccano

Samson sent from scrap

Samson at your service

Emily saves the world

Timothy and the rainbow car

Thomas's Shortcut

Away from the sea

No more Mr nice engine 

The smelly Kipper 

The afternoon tea express 

Gone Fishing 

Jewel Sparkies un-birthday party 

Mittens fluff and stuff a snow day 

penut big top Learns to ride the unicycle 

bea and the pet talent show 

pillow fetherbed up all night. 

the seach for pillow the movie 

bonus featuresEdit

mr perkins storytime Trucks and edward and gordon! 

mr perkins postcard Blue mountain quarry and shunting yards!

calling all engines stephen, rosie, diesel, and catlin.

the earls quiz thomas and the runaway kite, kevin's cranky friend, up up and  away and not now charlie. 

whos that engine? Hiro and Gordon. 

sing along song

bish bash bosh game 

go go thomas music video 

guest who puzzles.  porter, harvey, james, marion, samson, 

210 minutes 

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