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Episodes from Season 1Edit

Ep 1.: "Ruby's Piano Practice"/"Max's Bath"/"Max's Bed Time"Edit

Ep 2.: "Hide & Seek"/"Max's Breakfast"/ "Louise's Secret"Edit

Ep 3.:"Max Misses the Bus"/"Max's Worm Cake"/"Max's Rainy Day"Edit

Ep 4.:"Camp Out"/"Ruby's Clubhouse"/"Max's Picnic"Edit

Ep 5.:"Max's Halloween"/"Ruby's Leaf Collection"/"The Blue Tarantula"Edit

Ep 6.:"Ruby's Merit Badge"/"Max's Apple"/"Quiet Max"Edit

Ep 7.:"Max Cleans Up"/"Max's Cuckoo Clock"/"Ruby's Jewelry Box"Edit

Ep 8.:"Bunny Cakes"/"Bunny Party"/"Bunny Money"Edit

Ep 9.:"Max's Birthday"/"Max's New Suit"/"Goodnight Max"Edit

Ep 10.:"Max's Christmas"/"Ruby's Snow Queen"/"Max's Rocket Run"Edit

Ep 11.:"Max's Chocolate Chicken"/"Ruby's Beauty Shop"/"Max Drives Away"Edit

Ep 12.:"Ruby's Lemonade Stand"/"Ruby's Rummage Sale"/"Ruby's Magic Act"Edit

Ep 13.:"Max's Valentine"/"Ruby Flies a Kite"/"Super Max"Edit

Episodes from Season 2Edit

Ep 1.:"Max's Work of Art"/"Max Meets Morris"/"Ruby's Scavenger Hunt"Edit

Ep 2.:"Ruby's Hiccups"/"The Big Picture"/"Ruby's Stage Show"Edit

Ep 3.:"Max's Froggy Friend"/"Max's Music"/"Max Gets Wet"Edit

Ep 4.:"Ruby's Tea Party"/"Max Is It"/"Ruby's Science Project"Edit

Ep 5.:Ruby's Panda Prize/Ruby's Roller Skates/Ghost BunnyEdit

Ep 6.:Max's Bug Salad / Ruby's Beach Party / Super Max to the RescueEdit

Ep 7.:Max's Dragon Shirt / Max's Rabbit Racer / Roger's ChoiceEdit

Ep 8.:Ruby's Pajama Party / Baby Max / Bunny Scout BrowniesEdit

Ep 9."Max's Shadow / Max Remembers / Ruby's Candy StoreEdit

Ep 10.:Max's Checkup / Max's Prize / Space MaxEdit

Ep 11.:Ruby's Figure Eight / Ruby's Surprise Party / Ruby's TentEdit

Ep 12.:Ruby Writes a Story / Max's Dominoes / Grandma's AtticEdit

Ep 13.:Max's Thanksgiving / Max's Pretend Friend / Fireman MaxEdit

Episodes from Season 3Edit

Ep 1.:Ruby's Easter Bonnet / Max's Easter Parade / Max and the Easter BunnyEdit

Ep 2.:Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance / Ruby's Bird Bath / Super Max Saves the WorldEdit

Ep 3.:Ruby Delivers / Getting Crabby at the Beach / Max BabysitsEdit

Ep 4.:Max's Fire Flies / Max and Ruby's Fashion Show / Ruby's Sing AlongEdit

Ep 5.:Ruby's Safari / Max's Mud Bath / Max's Lost LizardEdit

Ep 6.:Surprise Ruby / Ruby's Birthday Party / Ruby's Birthday PresentEdit

Ep 7.:Ruby's Puppet Show / Sugar Plum Max / Max's Ant FarmEdit

Ep 8.:Ruby's Loose Tooth / Ruby Scores! / Ruby's SandcastleEdit

Ep 9.:Grandma's Berry Patch / Ruby's Bunny Scout Parade / Ruby's Detective AgencyEdit

Ep 10.:Max's Rocket Racer / Max and Morris Blast-Off! / Max's Candy AppleEdit

Ep 11.:Ruby Riding Hood/Max and the Beanstalk/The Froggy PrinceEdit

Ep 12.:Max and Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin / Max's Jack-O'-Lantern / Max's Big Boo!Edit

Ep 13.:Grandma's Present / Max and Ruby's Christmas Tree / Max's SnowplowEdit

Ep 14.:Max's Snow Day / Max's Snow-Bunny / Max's Mix UpEdit

Episodes from Season 4Edit

Ep 1.:Grandma's Treasure Hunt / Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle / Ruby's RecitalEdit

Ep 2.:Ruby's Homerun / Ruby's Missing Tune / Ruby's HandstandEdit

Ep 3.:Ruby's Rainbow / Home Tweet Home / Max's MudpieEdit

Ep 4.:Max Saves the Parade / Max's Big Kick / Ruby's Horn of PlentyEdit

Ep 5.:Ruby's Snow Bunny / Ruby's Snowflake / Duck, Duck, GooseEdit

Ep 6.:Ruby's Good Neighbor Report / Candy Counting / Ruby's New ShoesEdit

Ep 7.:Max's Balloon Buddies / Ruby's Penny Carnival / Ruby's Big WinEdit

Ep 8.:Ruby's Gingerbread House / Max's Christmas Passed / Max's New YearEdit

Ep 9.:Max's Castle / Bunny Hopscotch / Max's GrasshopperEdit

Ep 10.:Ruby's Real Cinderella / Ruby's Hula Hoop / Max and the MartiansEdit

Ep 11.:Ruby's Water Lily / Super Max's Cape / Max Says GoodbyeEdit

Ep 12.:The Princess and the Marbles/Emperor Max's New Suit/Max and the Three Little BunniesEdit

Episodes from Season 5Edit

Ep 1.:Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree / Max's Christmas Present / Max and Ruby's Christmas CarolEdit

Ep 2.:Max Says Hello / Ruby's Spa Day / Ruby's Tai ChiEdit

Ep 3.:Ruby Gets the Picture / Ruby's Birdie / Max Plays CatchEdit

Ep 4.:Ruby's Bedtime Story / Ruby's Amazing Maze / Max's NightlightEdit

Ep 5.:Max's Sandwich / Max's Ice Cream Cone / Ruby's Art StandEdit

Ep 6.:Picture Perfect / Detective Ruby / Superbunny Saves the CakeEdit

Ep 7.:The Bunny Who Cried Lobster/Max and The Three Bears/Little Ruby HenEdit

Ep 8.:Ruby's Bird Walk / Max Goes Fishing / Ruby Tries AgainEdit

Ep 9.:Max's Ride / Max on Guard / Ruby's Real Tea PartyEdit

Ep 10.:Ruby's Earth Day Party / Ruby's Earth Day Checklist / Max's Duck DayEdit

Ep 11.:Grandma's Birthday / Max's Hand Print / Grandma's Surprise DanceEdit

Ep 12.:Engineer Max / Max's Toy Train / Max's Train RideEdit

Ep 13.:Max's Kite / Max's Beach Ball / Ruby's LimboEdit

Ep 14.:Ruby's Diorama / Ruby's Croquet Match / Ruby's Huff and PuffEdit

Ep 15.:Max's Pinata / Ruby's Movie Night / Doctor RubyEdit

Ep 16.:Ruby's Tower / Ruby's Juice Bar / Max's Tree FortEdit

Ep 17.:Max and the Magnet / Ruby's Parrot Project / Max's SpaghettiEdit

Ep 18.:Ruby's Autograph / A Toy for Baby Huffington / Max's Big DigEdit

Ep 19.:Max and Ruby's Train Trip / Go to Sleep Max / Conductor MaxEdit

Ep 20.:Max's Red Rubber Elephant Mystery / Ruby's Toy Drive / Max and Ruby's Big FinishEdit

Ep 21.:Ruby's Memory Quilt / Lights, Camera, Ruby! / Ruby's Ping-Pong RecordEdit

Ep 22.:Ruby & The Beast / Max and Ruby's Halloween House / Max's Trick or TreatEdit

Ep 23.:Max and Ruby Give Thanks / Max Leaves / Ruby's Fall PageantEdit

Ep 24.:Ruby's Big Case / Ruby's Rhyme Time / Max's Library CardEdit

Ep 25.:Max & Ruby's Groundhog Day / Ruby's First Robin of Spring / Grandma's GeraniumsEdit

Ep 26.:Space Bunny / Max's Sprinkler / Max's Pogo StickEdit

Episodes from Season 6Edit

Ep 1.:Max's Preschool/Grandma's Storytime SleepoverEdit

Ep 2.:Ruby's Teacher/Max's Art TimeEdit

Ep 3.:Show and Tell/The WhirligigEdit

Ep 4.:Max's Rocket/Max! Bam! Boom!Edit

Ep 5.:Max Whistles/Ruby's Photo OpEdit

Ep 6.:Grandma's Surprise/Costume DayEdit

Ep 7.:Max's Skateboard/Super ButterflyEdit

Ep 8.:Ruby Juggles/Max and PriyaEdit

Ep 9.:Dino Hunter Max/Ruby's Solar SystemEdit

Ep 10.:Fun in the Sun/Max the DetectiveEdit

Ep 11.:Cowboy Max/Ruby's PoemEdit

Ep 12.:Max and Winston/Grandma's Bunny SnifflesEdit

Ep 13.:You Can't Catch Me/Max's BubblesEdit

Ep 14.:Ruby's Chocolate Chip Chaos/Max's KazooEdit

Ep 15.:Ruby's Party/Max's Super JetEdit

Ep 16.:Max Decorates/Max's Shiny CoinEdit

Ep 17.:Super Shopper Max/Ruby's Time CapsuleEdit

Ep 18.:Ruby's Ice Show/Max's Baby BirdieEdit

Ep 19.:Max & Ruby's Museum AdventureEdit

Ep 20.:Max & Ruby's Pirate AdventureEdit

Ep 21.:Lost and Found/Ruby's Book ReportEdit

Ep 22.:Ms. Bunty's Gift/Max to The RescueEdit

Ep 23.:Message in a Bottle/Max on a MissionEdit

Ep 24.:Max the Champion/Max and Ruby's RestaurantEdit

Ep 25.:Ruby's Yard Sale/Camper MaxEdit

Ep 26.:Community Garden/Ruby's Backyard Camping TripEdit