Moose: Beautiful, Hey, Brilliant Brush Work, (kisses), Magnificent, Looking Good Henrietta.

Henrietta: Thanks, I'm not finish yet, i still had to paint the sun right here, 

Moose: Whoops!  

Henrietta: Oh no, The Yellow, I need that color to paint the sun, now i'll never finish this picture (sigh)

Moose: Uh Oh! Look at Henreitta, does she look happy to you?

Viewer: No!

Moose: No, she's frowning, how do you think Henrietta is feeling?

Viewer Sad, Sad.

Moose: Yeah, Henrietta certainly looks sad, she must be sad because Zee spilled her paint.

Henreitta: I feel sad! 

Moose: Oh, Zee doesn't look to happy either. We need to try to help Henrietta and Zee feel better.

Moose: Zee you didn't spill Henreitta's paint on purpose, that's right it was an accident but maybe you can fix that. What do you think he should do? should Zee apologized to Henreitta?

Viewer: Yes.

Moose: Brillaint Idea. Zee, I think Henreitta might feel better if you apologized. 

Henreitta: You're Sorry, thanks Zee.

Moose: Aw, She's not as sad anymore, She's glad Zee apologized.

Henreitta: But i still can't finish my picture.

Moose: Hmm, maybe we could come up with something, good idea Zee, we're going to look for paint for Henrietta so she could finish her painting,

Moose: We brought more paint to help Henreitta finish her painting.

Henreitta: I just need some yellow paint for the sun.

Moose: Uh Oh, looks like we're fresh out of yellow, i see red and green. brown and aquamarine, and some blue, but no yellow., sorry Henrietta, we tried.

Henreitta: Hey it's okay i can used blue.

Moose: You can? 

Henreitta: Sure, look it's a rainy day.

Moose: ..and a ravishing rainy day it is, a marvelous masterpiece, Little Miss Mole.

Henreitta: (giggles) thanks, Zee!

Moose: Nice work zee, you really made Henreitta smile, look at Henreitta now, how do you think she's feeling? 

Viewer: Happy!

Moose: sensational, she does look happy and I'm so happy you helped us out. 

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