• In routine 12 straddle step is  twice they forget to use to v-step.
  • In routine 17 Step Tap with shoudler roll shows a picture of v-step. 
  • in routine 20 they forget the v-step.
  • in routine 18 front jump back show a picture of front back step and jump together. 
  • in routine 15 star reach is 8 slow. in star reach 12 fast is not in the cd. 
  • in routine 11 v-step is 12 slow not 8 slow and 8 fast and the Karate Jump and Pendulum had switched 
  • in routine 6 is says the new moves for today is the toe tap and the monkey, because the high knee slap is a new move too. 
  • In routine 5 karate jump is 12 slow not 8 slow and 8 speed up.
  • in rourtine 10 grapevine  is 7 times not 8 times. 
  • in routine 4 in elbow to oppsite knee is 16 times not 8 times and the step and tap is no numbers and so does the basic step. 


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