"We're making a surprise for the color fair today," Mr. Salt annouced to Blue and Magenta. "Do you want to help us find everything we need" "Sure!" Blue and Magenta exclamied. "We can be the Color Finders!" "Wonderful" Mr Salt said. "The first item on our list is red, round,and crunchy. Can you find it?" "Let's check the backyard," Blue suggested.

"We are looking for someone red, round and crunchy," Magenta told Shovel and Pail. "I'm rred and round," said Pail."Yes" Blue agreed, "but you aren't crunchy." "Maube what you want is around here somewhere," suggested Shovel. Everyone peered around the yard. "I see it!" cried Magenta.

"We found some apples! They're red round and crunchy," Magenta told Mr. Salt and Mrs Pepper. "Magnifique" said Mrs Pepper, clapping her hands together. "Now we need something that is blue round, and small." said Mr Salt. "Let's try the garden," Blue suggested. 

On their way to the garden, Blue and Magenta saw Periwinkle playing in his yard. "We're Color Finders,"  Magenta told Periwinkle. "We're looking for something blue, round, and small," Blue explained. "Your ball is blue and round" Periwinkle pointed out. "But is not small" Magenta giggled. Suddenly  Blue shouted,"I found it! Did you?"

"Here are some blueberries. They're blue round, and small!" Blue told Mr Salt and Mrs Pepper. Mercil" sang Mrs Pepper. "Something yelllow is next. It's also long and needs to be peeled." "Hmm. We're have to think about this," Blue said.

The color finders sat in the Thinking Chair and thought about yellow things. "There are lots of yellow things in here." Sidetable Drawer piped up. "Yes," Blue agreed, "but it should be long, and it needs to be peeled." Magenta hopped off the chair with a gleeful shout"I know what it is!" 

"Here are some bananas," Magenta said to Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. "They're yellow and long and they need to be peeled." "Wonderful!" said Mrs. Pepper."We could also use something that is purple, round, and come in bunches," Mr Salt said. "Let's Look in the front yard," Blue suggested. 

Periwinkle was collecting bugs on the front path. "Hi, Are you srill Color Finders?" he asked. "Yes," Magenta said. "Have you seen something purple and round that come in bunches?" "I have something that's peri-perfect!" grinned Periwinkle. "Oh you're right, Periwinkle." Blue said. 

"Here are some grapes. They're purple and round, and they come in bunches," Blue told Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper. "These are perfect for the surprise," cheered Mr. Salt.

"Meci," Mrs. Pepper said "You found apples blueberrries bannas and grapes." "And we have pears and orange, too!" Mr. Salt chimmed in. "Now we are ready to make our surprise or the Color Fair." "We're could it be?" Magenta whispered to Blue. 

"It's time for the surprise!" Mr Salt annouced a the fair. "Volia!" said Mrs. Pepper uncovering a large bowl of fruit salad. "Wow!" Blue exclamied. "That's made with all the colorful things we found!" Mrs. Pepper nodded and smiled. "We' could not have made this colorful suprise without the help of the Color Finders,"

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