Version 1 (made by ButterfishandTammy) Edit

  • Baby Maurice as Nemo
  • Jimbo as Marlin
  • Staci as Dory
  • Robot as Gill
  • Nicky Flippers as Gurgle
  • WALL-E as Bloat
  • Jr. Pac-Man as Bubbles
  • Pancho, Leni, Ryan, Mort, Tammy, Roz, Claws Ward, Barbie, Neera and Lola Loud as Nigel
  • Red Puckett as Peach
  • Crimson as Deb
  • Jessie, Lori, Charlie, Ami, Yumi, Rex, Quillo, Bucky, Spike, Dory, Chum, Mort and Ed as Pearl
  • Snake as Bruce
  • Darcy, Lisa, Jeffy, Joe, King Julian, Santa Claus, Lenny, Klaus, Smiler, Scud and Po as Darla
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex as Anchor
  • The Monster Baby as Chum
  • Angie, Hamm, Eva, Roxie Bear, Destiny, Kion, Jewel, Fuli, Bagheera and Sally Doll as Anglerfish
  • and more

Version 2 (made by PanchoandSonya) Edit

  • Todd as Nemo
  • Robot as Marlin
  • Chef as Dory
  • Ryan as Gill
  • Butterfish as Bloat
  • Scar as Peach
  • Wheezy as Bubbles
  • Rouge as Deb
  • King Julian as Gurgle