Moose: Banana, Basket, Balloony, Balloon, Balloon, You Know, There are lot of things that begin with the Ba Sound. Can You Guve me a Ba Sound.

Viewer: Ba, Ba

Moose: Beautiful, Hey, What do we have here? Take a look at these 3 toys Zee picked out. one of these toys start with the Ba Sound. Can you Find the toy that begns with the Ba Sound. Is it This Car? 

Viewer: No, No. 

Moose: Well, What about this wagon.

Viewer: No, No. 

Moose: Hmm... We'll maybe is this... Boat. 

Viewer: Yes, Yes. 

Moose: You are Simmilare The Best, When it comes to the Ba Sound. Did you know that one of my very favorite starts with the ba sound? It's not butter, It's not beagles, beans or burn toast, No, it's this bird standing right here by me. Dora the Explorer is next. 

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